Michael V. - YELP  [5.0 star rating]
Get that sweet tooth ready! 
I was in the area, actually across the street at the flower shop, when I spotted this cute shop and knew I had to go in. A large selection of candies, with a handful of "old school" candy that will bring back nostalgia to anyone born in the 80s/90s. 
I heard they are known for their cupcakes, especially their Blue Velvet. This place is definitely on my list of "I need to come back asap!" I didn't get to try any cupcakes, but their italian ices are delicious!
Very friendly staff, and mom & pop shop feel to it, making the overall experience intimate and one to remember. Must stop in!

Rich J- YELP [5.0 star rating]
First to Review
A wonderful addition to the Woodlawn area...which pretty much had up to this point a bakery, a florist, a couple of deli's, and 487 bars. Well now it has a candy and cupcake store. I still have a sweet tooth so I'm down for some nostalgia candy or chocolate-covered potato chips (which kick ass here). I'm not a big cupcake guy, but the selection is impressive, and I do like the version of hostess cupcakes they have. Décor is very cool, very old-timey with a lot of personality and the owner is very nice.

Jaslyn Neufville FB reviewed — 5 star
July 15, 2016 
This place is amazing!! The owner is so kind and genuinely pleasant. As for their cupcakes, well I can only sum it up in one word: amazingly-delicious (okay, that's two words:-) My favorite is the blue velvet and my sons favorite is the apple pie. Their cookie dough and carrot cake cupcakes are also delicious!! All of the cupcakes have just the right proportion of cake and frosting. They also have a good variety of candy and chocolate. This store and it's owner are certainly a gem. I absolutely love this place!​

Helena J. YELP [5.0 star rating]

Been wanting to try this place forever and this weekend, I finally got my chance.  The service was great.  The woman (who I believe is also the owner) who helped me was super friendly and took the time to explain what each cupcake included.  I chose the Oreo cupcake and her "death by chocolate" for my mother.  First, the death by chocolate.. my mom isn't even a huge cupcake lover, but she loved this cupcake.  She actually raved about it, which is a lot considering she's hard to impress.  I had the Oreo cupcake and it was AMAZING.  Easily better than any cupcake I've had in pricey NYC bakeries and she doesn't have a 30/70 ratio of cake to frosting, which is nice.  The cake was moist, not too sweet and the frosting's flavor and texture were PERFECT.  I'm now caught between being mad at myself for not trying this place sooner and being elated that I found it.  Plan on being back again and again..

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How Sweet It Is Inc | 994 McLean Ave Yonkers NY 10704 us | +1.9147095136 

Lindsey A. 6/3/2019 Yelp review - 5 star

Love the cupcakes! My mother in law and I try to stop by once a week. She lives by the blue velvet and I've been trying out all the flavors. So far I've had the key lime one, chocolate fudge and I believe blondie brownie- looks like I'll try the Elvis next.
Great flavors guys- also owner is very nice

Ailbhe Duddy reviewed FB — 5 star
June 17, 2017
This store is just gorgeous, Aurea is so friendly and welcoming! There's sooo much stuff here, all types of candy's, gifts and gift ideas, add ons, homemade cards, and homemade chocolates by Aurea and homemade cupcakes! Her cakes are delicious too, huge selection. A sit down area too looking out on Mclean Ave. She's very talented at what she does! Love it!

Jeremy D. Yelp - 5 star rating
I love this little pastry shop!
The people here are so kind & welcoming which is appreciated. I love that you can sit down and enjoy the ambiance of the shop. They have things ranging from "classic" candies, to homemade vegan (as well as non-vegan) options. Personally, my favorite that I'd recommend to anyone that stops by,
are their homemade vegan options; like their vegan  chocolate chip icecream made with rice milk. Delicious! I'm looking forward to seeing what more vegan options they offer. Seeing as how the neighborhood doesn't have many vegan friendly businesses, this is greatly appreciated.
You can also tell the careful attention to detail they have in their work.