How Sweet It Is Inc | 994 McLean Ave Yonkers NY 10704 us | +1.9147095136 

Candy By The Pound: $13.12 Lb.

Gourmet Chocolate $29.92 Lb.

Sugar Free $24.00 Lb.
About ½ pound per guest
20 lbs. (serves 20-40)
40 lbs. (serves 40-80)
60 lbs. (serves 60-120)
​80 lbs. (serves 120-160)

We no longer offer set up's for Candy tables,  or Candy Apples,

only candy for purchase.

We Also Carry:
Truffles, Gourmet Chocolates

Nostalgia Candy & Candy By the Pound

Merckens Molding Chocolate


Handmade Cards & Cake Toppers

Cakes & Pies are made to order, so place your order early!

​​GELATO, Italian Icees, & Ice Cream are HERE !!!
Available April thru Nov